My Intent:

So I’m quite green at this “blogging” thing. Yet it has come to my attention that I may be gaming so much it is, in fact, detracting from my life. In an effort to subdue this devilish attraction, I decided to carve a niche from the fabric of “the interwebz” a place to rant and rave, and perhaps share a creation or two of linguistic dexterity. (or drawn/painted).

This would be a creative endeavor to replace my gaming addiction. Should I somehow tend to offend, inform, entertain or bedazzle! I will have surpassed my intentions as the point of this blog is to be able to vent with great fervor, away from folks I know personally. Yes, this blog is to basically take things I catch on facebook that make my head spin, rant like I would like to, BUT in a place that those folks will not see so that I don’t have to feel bad should I hurt anyone’s feelings,… because! They won’t know I said anything to begin with.

The title; this oubliette is quite apropos. Its purpose is to take my thoughts and notions, preconceptions and interpretations, vent them and lock them away in a hole in the internet. Should anyone cross them they may appreciate them, or run like hell. At the very least perhaps sharpen my vocabulary, blow the rust off of my poor grammar, and share trepidation about the state of my life, (or things within).


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