A dim light does wander.

Once he found something that seemed so strong, but it was not.

He kind of stumbled into it, and it was magical.

His heart so full it was bursting and he felt wonderful.

One day it took a weird turn, and he followed.

Then it crossed a deep ravine, and he followed… cautiously.

Finally it dove behind a dark curtain and this time he waited.

When what felt like too much time passed, he took a peek.

Suddenly, shadows and monsters clouded the elegant sky.

A Black so devoid of color it could swallow a soul.

It was a terrible truth, but truth none the less.

Huddled near a dim light, inching in the dark to find a direction, the memory of what was once there, is a stronger beacon than it appears.


~ by Rictus Hood on July 3, 2014.

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