Let’s try this again, this time with more feeling.

I started this blog a while back to vent, and then to create. Maybe instigate might be more appropriate.

I have fallen off though as things got somewhat turbulent. A couple of career maneuvers later, I have settled somewhere comfortable and
now want to pick up the pieces and well, throw them into this digital hole to be discovered or ignored as you or I see fit. As I believe I’ve gone over previously,
this blog creates a peculiar sense of duty, a duty i have neglected, but I think this neglect is reasonable given the circumstances. This blog is also an attempt
to anonymously vent the cries of a creative soul without bothering the folks I know, as sad as that may sound it’s really my own mental hurdle.

My goal is not to drown you in my problems but leave an open portal to hear my feeble attempts to be creative if your so inclined to peek.

It will be a little slow to start as I have no material ready, but I will try to maintain a more regular pace.


~ by Rictus Hood on October 22, 2013.

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