Traffic lights, tablets, books, and MORE distractions:

Much of my schedule was disrupted but I should be back on a more consistent basis.

I recently picked up a tablet and pen setup for visual projects. Something I’ve wanted for a long time now. I don’t consider myself a professional, but art has always had a pull for me so it really isn’t surprising I suppose. I had put it off for a long time as I had imagined it would take a lot of getting use to and learning new this and that. Well, I was wrong. It so far has taken little time to get used to, (though I have nothing on that plate). So I need a project for that now,…

Actually I have one; it’ll be designing an avatar. I have a pretty good idea what I want, but I need to brainstorm it out of my head onto the screen. But I have a good start, I have enough rough sketches, nothing is necessarily hitting the spot though. When I feel better about it I’ll post some of my brain storming.

As far as the books go I’m well on my way into “On Writing – Stephen King”. So far it’s been a lot about situations he feels “guided” him toward writing. Things that shaped how he writes or why certain genres interest him and others don’t and how that translates into his writing as well.

My projects on the other hand have hit a stand-still (unless you consider reading and “e-doodling” projects). I’ve also decided to try out removing all, if not most of my caffeine intake, which might account for my fantastic full nights’ sleep and — why I’m actually pretty tired right now  . I feel less like my head is racing though, which is a very noticeable difference. I’d like to keep it up straight through the rest of the week but I feel like that is less likely than me completely giving up gaming.

Not that I’m addicted, (I don’t think), but a lot of my beverage intake is based on caffeinated beverages and I’m not very fond of drinking water with meals. This may sound peculiar but it tastes gross. Water and meat, water and pasta, water and, well vegetables sound like they would work well but otherwise water and cake sounds disgusting. I don’t care for coffee so that’s not a problem. I don’t seem to mind caffeine free cola so far so that’s a plus. It pretty much tastes like the regular stuff except – less fizzy? I don’t really know how to describe it, the taste is exact – it just feels different.
Maybe I can try drinking soda for meals and lay off after dinner like decaf Iced tea? I’m not sure how long caffeine is supposed to float around after ingestion but ideally I’d rather cut it out altogether. I have to say the peace of mind is rather nice.

In the time I haven’t posted, I have been working on a couple super short stories, nothing intense or dramatic, just some cruising to get me writing about something other than my rather docile life. Especially since I think I’m abandoning the “rage about articles” concept.

Do people generally reference previous posts? I’m starting to feel like I need to add links to things so that could clarify things for first time readers. On the other hand, that really isn’t the point here either. So it’s settled, flark ‘em.

Since I’m pretty sure I’m kind of changing the direction of the ship, I still need to write so I started some light faire to instigate.


~ by Rictus Hood on March 21, 2013.

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