A Cluttered Extended Weekend:

For the sake of the project I need a post today. This sounds like an awful way to put things, but the reality of the situation is that I should be writing something, (as of right now), once every other day.

I would like to write everyday but I think at this point I’m still trying to develop a M.O. so I don’t necessarily feel the need to churn things out, but I also feel that if I don’t force myself to write something then there will be no pressure to push towards more meaningful posts. To summarize, I don’t think I have enough to say every day, but if I don’t force myself to write every day I’ll never try to have things to say. Does that make sense?

Well it sounds about right to me. I have a couple short story ideas on the table (read: in notes on a book on a table). I need to organize them a bit to flesh them out more any suggestions on techniques for organization for “the writing process” will be wildly appreciated. As of right now it’s a bunch of note books copied into documents in specific folders with no real order after that.

Not that I have a whole lot, but there’s a couple gems I think could turn into something interesting.

Worth mentioning: I’ve stayed away from part of the objective actively.

“What’s that?”

Well, another quasi-goal is to tear apart what I feel are “crappy” articles or comments, posts, etcetera, not to be rude but to develop counter arguments. I felt like jumping into this though might give my “hole in the ground” an overtly aggressive feeling, and I’m not interested in threatening anyone so perhaps I may have to find a way to circumvent this by either a new target, or a different version of “target practice”.

Considering this quasi-goal was initially going to be a large part of the writing here, this is actually a bigger problem than it sounds. Or maybe I just need to get stubborn.


~ by Rictus Hood on March 15, 2013.

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