Self Flagellation:

I’ve found that as much as this is entertaining, it has been easy to get distracted. This is something I really need to work on. Though I could list the reasons my recent distractions are valid and try to clear my conscience, I feel I’m only cheating myself. So I need to readjust.

“What about the books?”

Everything I could have hoped for so far but the fact of the matter is there is one I ordered that due to an odd shipping scenario had to wait for a proxy to deliver it.

On Writing – Steven King

I’m rather fond of King’s work, and felt a book about writing from a personal literary hero, would be a rather enticing read, perfect to spurn on the intent of this little castaway island. Unfortunately I’ve used this as a distraction from my current reading list. A reason to put off books I currently have queued up to read.

What’s worse is that while “waiting” for the book,… I slipped and took up gaming. So I have forced myself to come to terms with this. Make myself acknowledge, that in some small way, I have sabotaged myself and my project. I feel like forcing myself to put out a rather unprepared piece, airing my “self-qualms” would be a good way to ensure in the future that I don’t detract from my own personal goals.

I also acknowledge that completely dropping gaming is probably completely unlikely, but we will carry on, failure is only failure when you stop and turn around. If there is one thing I adhere to it’s that you can only get somewhere if you keep moving forward, even if its unperceivable, you slide backwards, or you take a wrong turn, you always need to keep moving forward.


~ by Rictus Hood on March 14, 2013.

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