A rough formulation of quasi-goals:

Since one of the anticipated results of this blog is to replace gaming, I’ve had to find things that fill the time I had previously squandered. So now I have a blog and a stack of books (a short stack). One of the other points is to develop some writing chops. In all this is a multi-faceted endeavor, one which I have not taken the time to actively list potential positive outcomes, but acknowledge them as they begin to bud along the path, and play surprised when I acknowledge them, even the obvious ones.
Books I’ve taken up for the current period in time:

Animal Farm –George Orwell

Brave New World – Aldous Huxley

A First-Rate Madness – Nassir Ghaemi

(Any suggestions will be taken into consideration for next round).

Politics make me a bit crazy, so I thought a good place to start would be some “borderline” political fiction. I say borderline in that from what I’ve gathered, two are sociopolitical commentary, via the perceived bleak outlook of current situations (respective of their times) the writers thought could play out if political figure heads did not police themselves. “Borderline fiction” because these stories have been written as reflection on a world where politics have gone awry, not unlike they tend to. Although, from what I’ve heard about “Animal Farm” and what I’ve read, I feel like the popular opinion is off, but that’s really an early interpretation, and assumptions do bad things. Then again George Orwell did try to defend himself as a socialist, and misinterpretation is a love affair of the general populace (and politics), so perhaps I’m on to something.

“Why would you want to start reading things that make you crazy?”, well since this blog is about writing, and I write most when I feel I’m a bit off, what better way than to jump into topics most likely to stir the kettle?

“Why not actual politics?”, well I’m not trying to scare anyone quite yet, I’d like to get my feet wet and this seems the best segue. This blog is a process. I intend to stay closer to the creative path. I feel real politics (though they will undoubtedly make an appearance somehow) will drag me into a sea I wish not to charter right now and certainly not with great vigor in this ship.

As far as writing goes, this blog is to be a sort of punching bag, realistically I expect no feedback, but constructive criticism will be acknowledged and appreciated. I have no intentions of necessarily arguing any points on this blog, not to say I won’t bother but it isn’t a goal. If anything posted detracts from the attempted civility of this blog it is unlikely it will be tolerated. I am not attempting to sanitize myself of general discussion, just setting out some ground rules as they come.

This post is what I would consider “safe”. It’s slight generalization and nothing too jarring, but I need to start writing, and I have little initial direction. As I get sorted out, so will the blog.


~ by Rictus Hood on March 11, 2013.

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